We have been working on our debating skills for a few weeks now. We have worked on how to share our point of view and how to polietly disagree with the opposing side. This week I had the student vote on the debate they would like to have. The winning debate question was “Should computers replace teacher?” Now you can imagine this stirred up a lot of emotions, ideas and thought provoking conversations! We spent the week working on our arguements and laying out our thoughts.

Students were able to volunteer to be in the debate team for the final debate, and the teams were chosen by drawing names from the jar. Take a few minutes to watch and comment! I know the students would LOVE to hear your thoughts about the topic and how they did on their first formal debate!

Please note: our video was taken on an iPhone…so their voices a hard to hear, you will have to turn the volume up in order to hear them… Thanks!