So, you know how we practice fire drills a few times a year? And how the kids always ask “Is this a drill?” Well today my answer to that questions was “NO”!

Toward the end of our district benchmark testing today, the fire alarm went off! As always it scared all of us, but my 6th graders lined up quickly and got ready. The minute we opened the door, we knew something was wrong and hustled out to our spot on the field. While standing in the heat, watching the fire trucks unloading and prepping, I had several kids ask me “Is this a drill?” I stared blankly at them and pointed at the mass of firefighters standing near our building. My delayed response was “No, it’s not a drill! Have you ever seen the firetrucks actually come on campus?” These 6th graders crack me up everyday!

IMG_4035 IMG_4041 IMG_4042

After some time out in the sun, our district maintenance crew was on scene with cold water bottles for our kids! Kudos to them for their speed! It was definitely hot out! After all the buildings (except ours) were cleared we headed into the cafeteria. The best part was all the firefighters were standing near by as we walked into the building. They were giving high-fives and telling our students how awesome they were, and what a great job they did during the situation! How cool is that? High fives to Mesa FD and AJFD!

Because we were not allowed back into our rooms for a while, we spent some time in Mrs. Miller’s classroom. Fun, relaxing afternoon after a stressful mid day interruption. I have to brag on my kids, all 100 of them! You did an awesome job! I am so proud of you for fostering excellence in a scary situation and teaching those little kids on campus by example. Way to go!

Have you ever been in a REAL ‘fire drill’?