Hello, hello and welcome back!  I am excited to get his year started. I have an awesome group of 5th graders who are ready to learn and have fun!

Our first week consisted of routine reminders, Performance Series testing, classroom community building and consequence learning.

One of the activities we did to help build community in our classroom was our Graffiti Norms posters. Students had the chance to determine what they thought was most important about each poster. On each one they wrote their thoughts and explained them to a friend. Students also decided on 4 norms for our classroom this year.

  1. We are kind to everyone.
  2. We are a team.
  3. We encourage each other.
  4. It’s ok to ask for help.

They did such a great job determining their norms and explaining why they are important to our classroom culture.

Later in the week we discussed the importance of consequences, both positive and negative, using M&M’s and 7up!


Students pulled out as many M&Ms from the bag as they wanted, and also received a small can of 7up. I explained that now they are in 5th grade and I expect 7up sentences (sentences with 7 words or more) and that can of 7up will help remind them of this new expectation for the next part of the activity. Students then counted their M&Ms and I explained their consequence. Students had to write 1 7up sentences about themselves for EACH M&M they choose! (26 M&Ms= 26 7up sentences!) Be sure to read their reactions to this activity in the comments section!

IMG_5975FullSizeRender (1)

Once again, I am so thankful for another great first week and am excited to spend the year with this great group of kids! What was something you remember about the first week of school?

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