Here are some guidelines for writing comments on our blog as well as our friend’s blogs!

1  Students, parents, and teachers will identify students by their first names only. If a family member is writing a comment, please identify yourself as “_____’s mom” or “______’s dad”, instead of using your last name.

2  Commenters may not include any identifying information, such as your last name and where you live.

3  All comments are moderated and must be approved by Miss Holmquist before they appear on the blog.

4  Positive and respectful comments are allowed.

5  Proof-read comments are allowed.

6  Use complete sentences with appropriate grammar. “Text talk” is not appropriate for blogs.

7  Try to write comments that continue the conversation that started with the post. Our class watched this video from Mrs. Yollis’ class to learn about how to create quality comments. Thank you , Mrs. Yollis’ class!

Thank you Mrs. Hamman for these awesome guidelines!


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